Final Style Tests

Ok so…I had the concept solid, and had to come up with the visuals which we could talk critically about as I had with the concept.  I made a few illustrations concerning the subject matter and implemented this into a montage animation.  I wanted to do a montage or at least have some montage elements in the animation.  I wanted to keep it non figurative and relatively abstract and think I have achieved this in a way as you can pick out some of the identities and their body language (smiles and cross glances) with eachother in the way that is has been montaged to match the audio as the people speak together.  I wanted to avoid having completely seperate identities communicating with eachother as I am trying to express the conversation and not create an obvious staged situation as in a soap opera or sitcom.

Below are some experiments with the illustrations I made, I do think it is a bit wooden with the image just bashed on top but I am happy with the outcomes at this stage.

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