Post Mid-Point Crit Presentation Feedback Research

I started by finding out exactly what a Rostrum camera was as I’d only ever heard of it.  Works to animate an image/object by placing the item on a lower moving platform where it is filmed by the camera attached to a column.  I saw how this might be relevant and I wasn’t too interested but learned that abstract effects could be achieved from it to by increasing the shutter speed while the camera is moving.
Key Practitioner – Ken Morse

When i saw this, I understood how it related to my work, as I will have parts moving in and out but originally aimed to do it digitally but the nature of doing an experimental animation lies in love for the medium, namely analogue.  I would like to get to grips with the analogue method and tools, put the physical work in rather than pressing a series of buttons so I can make a comparison and learn a new technique at the same time to appreciate either end of the scale.  The outcome is supposed to be different as well so I would like to see this for myself using my own examples.

I then looked at animation by drawing on film, namely 16mm which is used for this kind of work.  One of the key practitioners that I researched was Norman McLaren who used this technique for his abstract animation but I came across other key practitioners whose work I had seen before during my research but was part of a compilation where all of the names were not mentioned and found his style more relevant to my work in expressing notions in an abstract way, for this particular film, he is representing quite an upbeat and lively mood.  This will be useful for informing some of the jovial parts of my everyday conversation.

Len Lye

Len Lye

I refreshed myself with McLaren’s work and found it too figurative and was like a narrative was being acted out by different shapes making his work near abstract and not as abstract as I would like as in my recording, the different speakers communicate themselves by what they say and how they say it, I do not need to graphically show them.

Another on of my favourites was Stan Brakhage where you can see the idea that abstract animators create for love of the medium.

Stan Brakhage – Black Ice

I think this is an example of when the form informs its own form, the same route I will take when I get to experimenting with film.  Even though there is no sound, you can still get the idea of sharpness, coldness and hostility but beauty, this is something I will have to experiment with to create the mood successfully and a varietyof them at times all in one situation.

The most exciting part of drawing on film animation is “all techniques can be combined endlessly” and that montaged style is what I am aiming for.

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