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Threads out

I actually forgot how to do this style, but all I needed to do initially was make my threaded sections smaller. This is what it loked like when I took them out 🙂


Doméyis mako, nonm’a la vaniy, La tiwbin’i ka twavay, Gadé siwo doudou i poté baw mé zanmi ♥ Kassav!

New hairstyle-deh.

“How do you do that? Do you use a device?” – Russian Scientist to me at a party.  Thanks! 🙂
Its getting much longer than I am used to its all over the place

Hello Don’t I Know You from Somewhere?

BOY I forgot how much it hurt (always I wear protective styles meaning my scalp is not touched, therefore used to canerow anymore), at least i’m old enough not to have my head bokked with the back of the brush.
My hair is now a couple of inches off my waist… that was quick!  My sister friend did a great job but some parts are a little tight.

Happy to have my old hair back!

Happy to have my old hair back!


Up-do inspired by J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere

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