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FMP Deliverables

I have included interactive boards where multimedia elements of the project can be viewed in greater detail.  This includes some of the recorded conversations collected in the developmental stages of the project (Please note these were amateur recordings) and a case study where my outcomes for this can be viewed.

Final Drafts

Completed animation, will be getting last minute feedback on Monday for final tweaks.  I may not find time for sorting out the prevalence of Cooper black and amending the last two scenes which are my least favourite.

Completed boards, just need to make title page.  Looking forward to the hand in.

Second Draft

Second Draft sent off for feedback:

Final Animation Progress

In 1 half day, I have created 7 completed scenes, 6 in sequence and then one of the more labour intensive ones is put at the end for now. Now my main concerns are it not looking like one piece and I think back now to Bob Sabiston’s Snack and Drink; his visual styles are completely different but as they are done over one piece of footage, this is where the visual uniform comes from.  With mine, I feel there is little visual uniform and maybe too much visual information.  My plan was to create the scenes as a starting point then make informed decisions about transition when I can see the separate scenes in motion and what parts could potentially go together, though right now, I feel that even with good transitions, it may still look disjointed.

Something linking it together e.g. faces as they are relevant

Fade the pink newspaper and continue movement from one scene into the next

What is the relevance of the yellow shapes (These were supposed to represent a burst of laughter but do not appear to work visually)

Could use hand written type more to emphasise certain aspects of the story

Toes need to wiggle-this is what they do

Red block is a little overwhelming and seemingly irrelevant, may benefit from text (This was meant to represent speaker 3 taking over the conversation and butting in but does not work visually)

The walking feet are too different to anything else (This was the longest most labour intensive scene but will have to be removed as it is too different!)

Creating Experimental Film

Using a lightbox, acetate, a dining room chair, two brooms, 2 cameras, 400+ images, some Neil Buchanan (Art Attack) know-how, paints and various mark making tools, I created the following.

This was the first test done using a regular digital camera.  Tried using green paper but little light got through it.  I prefer the photographic quality of this ironically.  Used acrylic paints and the first thing i wanted to do was see if I could reveal a colourful background by using washing up liquid (Thanks Neil Buchanan!) mixed with paint and scratching it off progressively.

This one was made over a period of many hours with the images taken from my d-slr.  Got some really beautiful outcomes such as creating a paint mixture with a higher ratio of washing up liquid to paint trapped under acetate, discovered by accident.  Unfortunately, some of my favourite parts are extremely short.

And the next day, I used After Effects to manipulate the colours.  I have about 12 of these which I could possibly use in the final animation.  Some stills are really beautiful!

Video Stills